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Artist’s Statement

Always looking for the abstract underlying the nature of nature;  sometimes the abstract emerges, and sometimes nature takes over. The balance between realism and abstract is dynamic.

Fighting between raw and polished, spontaneous and controlled.

Paintings are a combination of light and movement, colour and composition with underlying emotional investment by the artist.

The surface often guides the treatment; canvas, linen, wooden panel or aluminium. Every canvas is a conversation or creative argument, and can change direction leading to unexpected and happy results!

Exploring many styles and allowing paintings to develop their own identity through creativity and experimentation is fundamental. Mistakes that are made can become part of the artist’s tools and be employed again. 

Honesty and strength of feeling is always present and demonstrative of the artist’s engagement with the piece.

Influences range from impressionism to abstract expressionism; particularly Willem de Kooning, Franz Klein, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Peter Lanyon and Serge Poliakoff.

Rachel Tooth Signiture.png
Rachel Tooth - Srinagar’s Jewel

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